The Frisian Eleven Cities Contest



Thanks to Joop PA3JD



Hereby are the rules of a very special contest which will be held on Sunday, November 17, 2024 . It is organised  this year for the 40h time. This contest is a very famous one in Holland , and organised by the Frisian section A-14 of the VERON. 

The contest is called: “Frisian 11-cities contest”.

Friesland ( Frŷslan) is one of the 12 provinces and is situated in the northern part of Holland . Firstly famous for its 200 kilometers skating marathon along its 11 cities. The marathon is organised when the canals and rivers in the province are totally frozen over. As you can imagine that this event will only take place so every now and then. This most world-famous 200 tour was held for the first time in 1909. In  1963, the 12th edition, the temperature dropped to an extremely low level of minus 29 degrees. It was 22 years before the next marathon was held in 1985.  The last one was organised in 1997. Not even the Frisian inhabitants were excited....... no, the entire country was outraged.
In summertime each year, another famous Frisian event takes place. The well-known sailing events, the “Skûtjes-sailing” are organised. Skûtjes are very old merchant-ships, from the late 19th and early 20th century and they sail in  competition on several lakes in the province. This event has been held for decades. Thousands of people from all over
Holland and abroad watch these events on television and the internet.



Will be held on SUNDAY November 17, 2024 from 10.00 – 13.00 UTC on 80 and 2 meters . Mode SSB and FM.

Frequencies:  80 meters and 2 meters

Sections:- 2 m stations outside Region R-14 and 2 m stations inside Region R-14
-               80 m stations outside Region R-14 and 80 m stations inside Region R-14

Exchange:  Call,  Report + Regionnumber and QTH.

Points:     Stations own region : 1 pts
             Stations outside own region:
5 pts
             Foreign stations  : 2 punten. 
             Each station can be worked once on a band. No QSO’s via repeaters. 

Multiplier:  Each Frisian city and the so-called “klunplace”.   (11+1)

11 Cities:  Leeuwarden, Sneek, IJlst, Sloten, Staveren, Hindelopen, Workum,
Bolsward, Harlingen, Franeker en Dokkum. 
Extra city (the Klûn-QTH):
Bartlehiem.  (to  Klûn is a Frisian word for walking on skates on the
banks of the river or near bridges when the water is not frozen up enough)

Score:      Total amount of points multiplied with the multipliers.  
(each city/klûnplace) counts once as a multiplier, so maximum number of multipliers is 12)  

Logs:       Each band on a separate log-sheet with:
Time, Call, Received report with regionnumber, QTH and points.
Signed logs for each band with a summary-sheet with the total score.  Logs must be sent before
December 1, 2024 , to
Friese Elfsteden Contest,
Buorren 91, 9081 AP  Lekkum.
Holland or by mail to:

Results will be published on using this button:  11stedencontest.


Not in cooperation with the organisation of the Frisian 11-Cities Contest, but separately, an award can be obtained by every amateur radio station in the world. 

Amateurradio-stations can easily obtain this award by working Frisian amateurs during the contest.


Amateurs outside of Europa

 - 3 QSO's

Amateurs inside of Europa - except Germany , Belgium and Great  Britain

 - 5 QSO's

Amateurs in Germany , Belgium and Great Britain

 - 7 QSO's

Amateurs in The Netherlands, except those situated in the    province of Friesland

 - 10 QSO's

Amateurs in the province of Friesland

 - 15 QSO's


This award, the most beautiful and flag-ship of the Frisian awards, is printed on 1st class paper and shows the originally Frisian “Skutsje” , a merchant ship from the late 19th and early 20th century.
Send your log along with 10 euro to the award manager, Certificate Manager, mail to: